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Between Frogs by Over The Map from the album: Mother 3

In respect to today’s possibly-all-time-highest-temperature-ever-recorded scorching day in Toronto (38 degrees!), here is a remastered version of Between Frogs. As I learn more about music production I’m able to go back sometimes and see where I can make things hotter. I also had an inclination to do another Mother 3 arrangement (though I haven’t decided which one) and what better way to prep for the future than to revisit the past.

Between Frogs is one of my favourite musical collaborations I’ve done yet, with Warren Bray’s sizzling bass and Chris Semoff’s hot flash guitar. The song is essentially a cover of a Shogo Sakai song calledHappy Town? from the game Mother 3 (with some added jamming on our parts). Enjoy, and listen in a cool, dry environment.

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